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Coronavirus: Financial Perspective, Action Steps, and Resources

2020 has been a unique year in so many ways.   We continue to watch the global pandemic unfold, and uncertainty remains present around the globe.  We continue to stand by ready to address the financial perspectives, action steps, opportunities, and provide resources during this time.  


We are proud to work with clients all around the country, providing financial planning, retirement planning, and investment management services remotely.   If our fee-only, rational approach to wealth management is something that you would like to learn more about during this unique time, feel welcome to contact us to learn more


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The common sense approach to Retirement Planning

You Are Your Most Important Asset

Woodstone Financial, LLC offers personal financial planning and investment management services in Asheville, North Carolina. We truly believe that you are your most important asset. But we know that it can be easy to lose sight of this when confronted by the financial complications that life puts before us.

At Woodstone, our goal as a financial advisor is to help you achieve what is most important to you financially.  Investments and financial planning can be complicated.  Rather than allowing emotions to drive decision making, we advocate a rational, common sense approach.  Using our Client Centered Integration™ process, we get to know you in a way that enables us to design a plan for your future.


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Collaboration and our role as educators is a key component to Woodstone’s client-centered approach.  It is often difficult to distinguish truly meaningful financial information from ‘noise.’  As a financial advisor, we pride ourselves in listening to your questions.  Then, in our role as teachers, we help you filter out the noise and  focus on the things within your control that matter most to your future.

Our Clients: Charting a Course Into and Throughout Retirement

We specialize in working together clients preparing for retirement.  Whether you are a Millennial, a Baby-Boomer, someone experiencing a life transition, considering moving into a CCRC, or a creative professional, we are positioned to work with you as your personal financial planner.  We also work with employers and the self-employed who want to establish employer sponsored retirement plans.  One theme is central to our work with all clients- preparation for financial independence.  Learn more about our clients.

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Retirement Community (CCRC) Planners

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