Video & Multimedia

Everyone has a slightly different learning style, and videos and multi-media can be a great way to explore and learn about new topics. Here you will find videos and multi-media which present information in a unique and engaging way.

The Power of Markets

The real power of a market is the way in which it is able to bring together the collective knowledge of all buyers and sellers.  As investors, when we can be confident that markets are efficiently processing all of this information almost all of the time, we can be more confident in participation in markets without attempting to time the market or identify mispricings.

How Much Should You Save For Retirement?

Saving for retirement is one of the single greatest financial challenges for most people.  Identifying the appropriate amount to save versus spending now can be difficult.  While it is important to focus carefully on how much to save, it is far more important to simply start saving and to use time to your advantage to grow your savings over time.

How Much Income Do You Need In Retirement?

What is the next step as you approach retirement, or as you evaluate your retirement.  Inevitably, the answer lies in the balance between expenses and income.  In retirement, income is critically important, and typically comes from a range of sources including Social Security, pension, part-time employment, and your portfolio.  Identifying the level of income your portfolio can safely provide, and maintaining that target over time, largely determines what a successful retirement looks like.

Woodstone’s Role As Teachers

Joel Kelley, CFP(R) discusses Woodstone’s role as teachers. Ongoing education is an important part of Woodstone’s process.  Building a base of knowledge through ongoing learning experiences, at a level aligned with client’s interest, is critical to building confidence as an investor.  With knowledge and confidence, an investor can more easily stay disciplined when market conditions begin to play on our emotions.

Things We Can Control

Jacob Sadler, CFP(R) discusses Woodstone’s focus on cilent goals and values.  Over time it is easy to allow our personal finances to become a central focus of attention.  One of Woodstone’s roles as financial advisors is to help clients focus on things that can be controlled over time, and wrapping their finances around their lives as a tool to help them achieve what is most important.

Tuning Out The Noise

What can you achieve by tuning out the noise?