Our Clients

We specialize in working together with a few specific types of clients.  We are based in Asheville, North Carolina and work with clients nationwide. Our experience has allowed us to concentrate and develop models for working specifically with retirees, those preparing for retirement, young professionals, creative professionals, those going through important life transitions such as divorce, loss of a loved one, or sudden wealth and, finally, employer sponsored retirement plans.  We also have specialized knowledge around CCRC decision making. Learn more about working with our team.

Next-step Boomers

Retirement (Almost There or Already There)

You have accumulated assets, you have gained wisdom from life’s experiences, and you know that the best is still ahead. While you have gotten to this point in life, whether you are retired or getting close to retirement, you may not yet have an answer to that important question: What’s the next step?

That next step may be what interests to pursue, or how much income do I need for the decades ahead.  Whatever that next step might be for you, we know that there is a financial component to the answer, and we are here to help you navigate through your retirement; from the first steps  to those that follow.

Young Professionals

Human Capital Is Your Most Valuable Asset

As a young professional, you find yourself busier by the day.  Building a career or a family; trying to maintain a balance between personal time, your interests, and your responsibilities; it all takes energy and commitment.  While being pulled in every direction, it can be easy to delay your long-term planning.  You contribute to an IRA or your retirement plan at work, but is it enough to get you where you want to be?

You are your greatest asset, and it requires time to convert your human capital into real dollars.  Fortunately, time works to your advantage, and you have lots of it.  You might not have an extra 2 hours a day to manage your long-term finances, but you have years upon years to compound your savings.  We want work with you as you grow, and work towards your financial independence.  As you build towards a ‘critical-mass’ of assets, together we can help you simplify your day to day finances while focusing on the long-term picture.

Life’s Transitions

When Life Happens Unplanned

We believe that process, and making a connection, are essential to navigating life’s transitions.  Whether you have recently inherited assets or found a new life partner, things are changing in many significant ways.  You may have just suffered the death of a loved one or experienced a divorce.  More now than ever is the time to carefully plan for the impact of those changes in the years ahead.

At Woodstone, we know that as life’s events unfold there is always an important financial component involved.  This financial element can often become muddled and ignored because of the vast array of emotions which affect us all.  We work with clients in transition to help chart a course towards their most important financial goals, while focusing on the non-financial aspects that define your life experience.

Creative Professionals

Balancing Your Passion

As a creative professional, whether an artist, an author, or a musician, you have the privilege of seeing a part of the world in ways that no one else can.  Your creativity drives you, and has brought you success.  One of your challenges is to definethe best way to continue your success while planning for the future.

We recognize that as a creative professional you face a balancing act between your commitment to creativity and planning for your financial future at the same time.  We understand that financial flexibility is important, and that adapting financially to new situations and new creative opportunities can be difficult. Woodstone is here to help you find and maintain that critical balance between your creative vision and your financial future.

Retirement Community (CCRC) Planners

Planning for Peace of Mind

Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs  – sometimes known as Life Plan Communities (LPCs) are an appealing option for many retirees to consider.  These types communities, although each unique in some ways, all offer to provide a ‘continuum of care’ for their residents.  Residents enter a contractual agreement with the community, pay a monthly fee, and often an entrance fee; in exchange, the community will guarantee access to certain types of care.  Most communities offer, independent living, assisted living, in home care, and skilled nursing care on site.

There is a complex set of financial and personal decisions that come with choosing a CCRC, or even choosing if a CCRC is right for you.  While surveys regularly suggest that most retirees would like to age in place (in their homes), considering a CCRC may help to frame many of the challenging aspects that come with aging, regardless of whether or not you decide to move.  Whatever you decide to do, having a plan is important.  If you are considering a CCRC, then planning around selling your current home, changes in monthly household expenses, long term care cost management, entrance fee planning (income tax planning, refund rates, and how to best pay for the entrance fee), and estate planning considerations are all critically important.  Woodstone is especially well versed in CCRC planning, and can help navigate you through this set of decisions.

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